Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Western AMF Camp Conference!

I had the opportunity to attend the first of two AMF Camp Conferences this last week at Camp Morrow in Wamic, Oregon. We had a great time sharing ideas, hearing God's word and fellowshipping. I did a special presentation each night with fun activities with our missionaries. It was a great time to consider how AMF fits into Christian Camping and how our model of Evangelism, Discipleship and Congregating is supported by our camp programs! Here are some photos of the weekend!

A look at Mt. St. Helens from my plane seat!
I was in High School when it blew!

Our special guest Scott Lidbeck challenges us from
God's word!

The camp fed us well and offered lots of opportunity for fellowship!

We tried to fit in some fun time too!
They have a fun challenging Frisbee Golf course!
No pix though I was too busy looking for my disc!!

Several missionaries led different forums
on a variety of topics.

There was a lot of great discussion and input!

We had many opportunities to pray together as well!
That's our motto! "Pray First"!


JenV said...

Wamic? I did not even know such a place existed in Oregon...

Brett and Cindy said...

Yep it's 30 miles from The Dalles!