Sunday, July 24, 2005

I'm back from the Fellowship of Christian Magicians Conference!

What a week! I got to spend 7 whole days hanging out with guys who use balloons, magic tricks, puppets, clowning, ventriloquism and juggling to share the gospel! I don't think I went to bed before 2 am ever! I took many magic, puppetry, quick cartooning and balloon classes but I have chosen to post some of the balloon work. These guys kept me up late every night so I could get all my balloon questions answered! Featured here are two excellent twisters, Ralph Dewey and John Holmes. They are respected world wide for their ability to sculpt balloons and I wanted to make sure I got every bit of information from them I could! I want to thank everyone who helped make this trip possible. It will truly add to our ministry! Thanks again and enjoy the balloons!!

PS - a big thank you to my all my FCM roomates - Barry, Ron, David, Tim and Bruce - I know we didn't see much of each other but I truly appreciate your hospitality!

The road toad was one of my favorites! Posted by Picasa

John Holmes is probably one of the best known balloon sculptors in the world! He did an excellent workshop on the armor of God that not only taught some fun balloons but also challenged our understanding of what it means to put on the whole armor! Posted by Picasa

A cool cross and birthday cake! Posted by Picasa

A real crab! Posted by Picasa

My space alien! Posted by Picasa

Our big balloon project!

All of the balloonatics a FCM get together every year and do a big project for the conference. This year the project was Jesus walking on the water and we also did many torches for the passing the flame theme including the one here built by John Holmes!

Jesus and Peter! Posted by Picasa

Some disciples in the boat! One appears to be a little seasick! We helped him straighten up later! Posted by Picasa

Last minute touch ups by Ralph Dewey the Guru of Gospel Ballooning! Posted by Picasa

Our big project! Jesus walking on the water! My hands turned blue from making the waves! Posted by Picasa

Wrestling the flames! Posted by Picasa

Putting it together! Posted by Picasa

The torch! It was later raised to about 12 feet high! Posted by Picasa

A Big Dog! Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 15, 2005

Meanwhile back at the Ranch...

Things have been hopping at Twin Forks Junction (aka children's church) while we've been moseying around the country! The kids are following the antics of the town folk and learning how to make good decisions along the way! There are two ways to go; God's way and our way! We need to choose God's way as the best way to go in life! Here are some pix from Twin Forks Junction. (A big thank you goes out to Curtis Davey and Jason Pace for all their hard work!)

Memory work time with Deputy Do Good! Posted by Picasa

Pistol Pete arrives! Posted by Picasa

Deputy Do Good helps Dusty out of a tight situation! Posted by Picasa

Dusty Roads - Hawaiian Cowboy! Posted by Picasa

Pistol Pete kidnaps a kid! Posted by Picasa

Christopher returns the money! Posted by Picasa

Our Deputy gets the draw on Pistol Pete! Posted by Picasa

Town folk puppets! Posted by Picasa

Come join us at Twin Forks Junction! Posted by Picasa

Week Four! Montana!

Home at last! Our fourth week found us at Lake Blaine Baptist Bible Camp in Bigfork, Montana. Brett has directed this camp for over 10 years! We love it here! Our faithful staff from year to year make it great. The boys love it and we reach many for Christ. We were very excited to welcome 7 junior boys into the family of God this week and challenge many more to serve him wherever he may lead them! There are a lot of photos this time but that is because we love this camp! (I choose about 25 photos from over 700!)

Welcome! Posted by Picasa

We're glad your here! Posted by Picasa

This years theme is BOOT Camp. Biblical Overview and Outreach Training! Posted by Picasa