Sunday, May 27, 2007

It's Willie the Worm!

Many of you know I have been selling the "Song of John" puppet set at for the last two years. It is a fun puppet skit with three toilet brush puppets and a special CD. This month we will be adding "Willie the Worm" to our products list. Willie is a worm puppet who comes with an instructional DVD. He is really cute and has a fun story on obedience that comes with him. Barry should have it up on the website soon and I invite you to check it out! I just sent Willie and his brothers to Barry to be packaged with their DVD. Here is what they look like before shipping! Get yours today!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Little Memorial Day Fun!!

Okay life should not be all work or all play but sometimes the two come together very well! I have been preparing my summer lessons for about 5 months now and am enjoying the study on Moses I have put together. I have been especially interested in the part Egypt plays in the story. So...when the King Tut exhibit came to Bozeman, Montana Cindy and I decided to take the gang (including Kristine who is home for a few days) to check it out! We went to the Museum of Rockies well known for its Dinosaurs and now its dead Pharaohs! Check out these photos!

The gang out in front of the Museum of the Rockies!

A guard to the tomb! We slipped him a scarab beetle and he let us in!

The Death Mask of King Tut!

The loyal family dog!!

A couple of boys and their "MUMMY"!

Was this guy a chick magnet or what??

An Eighteenth Dynasty Chariot. Like the hundreds you will find at the bottom of the Red Sea!

The Museum of the Rockies is famous for its dinosaurs!! Here is one about to eat my family!

Open wide and say "AARRGGHH!!"

Working hard or hardly working??

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Area Fellowship 2007

Our AMF 2007 Area Conference was held this last weekend at Camp Lewtana in Lewistown, Montana (say that 5x fast!). It is a time for our missionaries to fellowship and hopefully relax a little as we worship, pray and spend time together. As Area Coodinators it is our job to put the conference together and try to make it restful! We had a great time with our fellow missionaries as always. Our son Sam said it was the best one ever!!
Enjoy some photos!

Everyone enjoys helping with dishes. Right Justin?

Our future AMF Missionaries!!

Justin, Rose and Warren Antonich our
newest missionaries to Eastern Montana!

Cindy did a lot of work on the menu and running the kitchen!

Uncle Frank always brings balloons!

You can pretty much be sure that Cindy and Joni
are not talking about the menu! No doubt it's all about
two goofy husbands!

Arlen and Marilyn Hilkemann from Wolf Point Montana eating all the snacks!

Jewel King with the Antonich's new jewel - Warren!
(who apparently sees the headlights of oncoming traffic!)

The Triple P Puppet team trip to regional festival!!

A third trip to Oregon this month involved taking our puppet team to the Oneway Street Regional puppet festival. We took 4 kids and 4 adults to Rolling Hills Community Church in Tualitan Oregon. It was the first church that Brett worked at after graduating from seminary! It was great to see our friend Gary Strudler the children's pastor at Rolling Hills who hosted the festival. A lot of learning and fun was had by all - plus we got a silver trophy for our competition piece!! Yeehaw! A special thank you goes out to Matthew Charlick who filled in for our missing members and to Sellwood Baptist Church for allowing us to stay in their facility!!

"On the road again! I just can't wait to get on the road again!!"

We enjoyed several great puppet presentations!

Getting educated!!

Cindy waits to see what award we will receive!

We got silver!!!

Gary Strudler children's pastor at Rolling Hills who hosted the festival.
Good job Gary!!

Oneway street festival staff. Dale VonSeggen, Gary Strudler,
Carrie Murphy, Dave and June Privett.
Thanks for all your hard work!!

Cindy gets goofy with Quina's new fish puppet!

Rick is trying to remember why he came!!

Pizza at Pietro's, a great end to a great weekend!

Well fed and happy puppet parents!!!