Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Welcome to God's Garden!

The EBC Kid's Corner just began their new series on the Fruit of the Spirit called God's Garden Company. We are going to have great time learning about the Fruit of the Spirit and how it can be grown in our lives! Now about the pictures...they are in reverse order. I wasn't paying attention and downloaded them backwards! I do not have time to correct the problem so you will have to go to the post that says pickin' and a grinin' and look at them backwards! Summer is coming and your prayers for our camp program and youth ministry team are appreciated! More on them later!!

Success! Posted by Picasa

Farmer Brett tells us how to be good sheep for the Good Shepherd while he attempts to make a sheep out of balloons! Posted by Picasa

Farmer Jason tells us about the Love of the Good Shepherd. Posted by Picasa

Shoop and Bebee teach us what it means to love. Posted by Picasa

The Fruit of the Spirit is like a cluster of grapes - one fruit, many parts! Posted by Picasa

Farmer Brett and Farmer Jason get down! Posted by Picasa

We are pickin' and a grinin' at EBC Kid's Corner! Posted by Picasa