Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Stay Tuned for more!

Hi folks,
My apologies for not posting for a lot of May! We have been on the road almost every weekend. We are still hoping to post photos of our Branson trip as well as our trip to Oregon with the Triple "P" Puppet team! We also finished our Good News Diner season last week and are hoping to post about it as well! I will also be posting our summer schedule tomorrow for those who would like to pray for our travels from June to August! If you read this blog leave us a comment occasionally! We'd like to know if anyone is out there reading! Stay Tuned!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Another Busy Weekend!

Wow! Things just seem to keep getting busy here! We had a great weekend with two special highlights. The first was our son Nick's graduation from Big Sky Bible Institute on Saturday May 7th. He graduated with Honors and received and award for Creativity! We are very proud of him. Our second great event of the weekend was Mother's day! Both Cindy's mom and Brett's mom were with us on Mother's Day! That is a first! The EBC Kid's Corner made a special Mother's day presentation and learned how important Women are in God's plan!! What a great weekend! (For those of you interested in our Branson weekend keep checking in we will post some pictures as soon as possible!)

Ready to decorate our Moms! Posted by Hello

Everyone working hard for our Mother's day presentation! Posted by Hello

Honorary Super Squad Member - Pastor Paul! Posted by Hello

The entire super squad! Kris, Brett, Jason and Curtis! Posted by Hello

A new member of the super squad. Super Kris! Posted by Hello

The entire graduating class! Now off to who knows what or where! Posted by Hello

Nick Belleque Bible Institute Graduate! Way to go Nick! (And with Honors too! Okay we are proud parents and we have every right to brag!) Posted by Hello