Thursday, February 05, 2009

One of my favorite things to do!!

Hi! Long time no blog! You'd think with the storms keeping us home that I would have found more time to blog about the happenings of the North Central Region of American Missionary Fellowship! But it was not to be! Good news however I am back to blogging for now!

I just returned from Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota where Area Missionary Roger Gerber and I were recruiting for AMF. Roger's area is southwest Wisconsin and he has been avidly looking for an intern or two to be part of his Jail and transition ministry in 3 different counties! We were also trolling for summer missionaries and future fulltimers too!
It was a fun few days at the school and we met a lot of neat kids during the missions conference! Wess Stafford or Compassion International was the guest speaker at chapel and we enjoyed him as well! Here are a few photos of Roger and I at the school!
Northwestern was at one time a Catholic Seminary
You can find lots of latin, amazing architecture and
statues of saints!

I'm the good looking one on the stairs!

Some unique doorway artwork!

This is the original chapel. Apparently the columns were
brought from Europe but the ground was so marshy that they
sunk and had to be reordered!

Northwesterm is a Christian Liberal arts college where
every student also minors in Bible.

A look down the corridors of academia!
(My college was originally a mental institute!)

Apparently this old guy was their second president!

Roger meets with one of the many students we had the
opportunity to visit with!

Meet Jamie Boehmer! Jamie was one of our summer missionaries
who worked with Area Missionary Dale Heaton at Joy Bible camp! There is no better
thrill than meeting a young person who gives of themselves to serve Christ!
See you this summer Jaime!