Friday, April 03, 2009

Nebraska Camp Conference!

The second camp conference for AMF camp ministry staff was just as fun and successful as the first! This time we were in Wellfleet, Nebraska at Bethel Bible Camp. Our hosts were John and Carol Lewis. Many great discussions, times of sharing and prayer and some fun thrown in provided a good time for all! Everyone is very excited for summer ministry! (and that's not just because it snowed on us while we were there!!) Here are some photos to peruse!

A quick game of "find your camp on the map"!

Studious missionaries sharing good stuff!

Our host John Lewis leads a discussion on facilities!

Prayer with our fearless leader in red shoes - Ridge Burns!

Three camp dudes (and half a dude!) checking out some media tools!

Three generations of camp girls!!

You'd think with a cool bell like this John would
use it to wake us up! Nope! He chose to play chickens
clucking to popular tunes every morning!

Poor Wade discovers the futility of group photos!
Forget changing a lightbulb! How many missionaries
does it take to accomplish a group photo!

Good luck Wade!