Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Camp Report Week 4

Camp Shiloh was a fantastic week! Not only was it a ministry week for the Belleques but this year we took our entire Youth Ministry Team with us to provide the counseling staff. It was a wonderful week with many decisions for Christ and many new relationships built between our Montana team and the Wyoming staff as well. Everyone wants to go back again next year! We were very fortunate to have 8 children from the reservation this year and 5 of them accepted Christ as their Savior! Our thanks go out to all who make this camp possible including our staff, the camp board and the supporting churches and also to the supporters of our ministry who make it possible for us to go to these camps and contribute. We took over 1,000 pictures and it is hard to choose which ones to share. I guess I need to learn how to attach an album to this blog! Here however are some photos of the week!

Camp is held outside of Tensleep Wyoming.
The chapel here is one of the oldest church buildings in Wyoming.

Yes Lindsay that was a waterballoon that just hit you!

Our chief cook and camp board president Gale Moravek
gives a great presentation on his ministry trip to Egypt!

Modeling the "FEZ"

A happy counselor and camper!

Preparing for water war! Choose your weapon

of mass water destruction!!

The Slime war begins!!

Slime War Warriors!

Our girls present special music!

Pastor Kurt drops by to share a special message!

Sam and Joe say, "Bring it on!!"

The traditional dumping of the water on the head!

It was over 100 degrees the first three days of camp!

I love this picture of Tasia - she doesn't!

Craft time!


Chillin' with my homies at camp!

Camp is cool!

Hard at work makin' the vittles!!

A couple of desperados!

Camp is not complete without puppets!

It's Pharaoh Brett!

Hey! Let my people go!

Chow line!

A great staff!

Whose the guy in the green hat????

Week Three - VBS!

Week three of our summer ministry found us in Wyoming conducting 2 Vacation Bible Schools at the same time. In the morning we were in Hudson, Wyoming where a small but courageous group of 9-11 kids met each day. In the afternoon we were in Shoshoni, Wyoming where a little bigger number, 18, met for Bible School. It was a 120 mile trip each day for five days in 100+ weather. Our VBS crew, Zakk Whites, Lindsay Horton, Jessica Christopherson, Jasmine Romero and Sam Belleque along with us (Brett & Cindy) did a great job! We led 7 kids to Christ and talked many into coming to camp the next week! Here are some photos.

Hudson VBS!

A Small Group of Great Kids
(and could they sing!)

Crafty Sisters!

Cindy manning the craft table!

Elvis makes an appearance!

A special presentation of the Paper Plate Puppet Theater
(say that five times fast)

Daniel in the Lions Den!

Evil advisors plot against Daniel!

Daniel is thrown into the Lions Den!

Angels from Heaven shut the lion's mouths!

Singing at the parent's program!


Another fine group of Bible School students!

Singing their hearts out!

No my good man you will not find the ball behind Pastor Brett's back!

Zakk brings the King to Shoshoni!

Lindsay and Jessica do the motions!

Cup Stackers were a big hit at Shoshoni!

A Tower of Cups!

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego about to enter the fiery furnace!

In the Furnace!

What will happen??

They are saved!!!

So how many kids can you get behind your puppet stage!?!?

A Busy Summer!

Hey folks!
Summer is whirling away. This seems like one of the fastest summer we've ever experienced. But blogging has obviously been slow. Keep a watch this week because we will be updating a lot! We finally have a week at home! One interesting thing that we have been doing this summer is producing a radio show on a local Christian radio station here in Missoula. It is called "Letters from Camp" and contains interviews with campers, directors and cabin leaders from the different camps we have attended. For those of you who are in the Missoula/Arlee area you can pick up the station at 90.3. For those who live outside the station's limit please pray for this endeavor that it will bring a little PR to some of our great camps and motivate people to pray for summer ministry! The stations website in progress is csnmissoula.com! Our friend Jason Pace whose photo regularly appears on this site is the station manager!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Week Two - Summer 07'

Week two finds us at Camp Lewtana in Lewistown, Montana. It was a junior boys camp with a lot of energy! About 21 boys joined us for a week of fun and hearing from God's word! I hope you pray for camp staff all over the country each week of the summer! They are working hard and need all the support they can get! Remember to pray for the boys that received Christ or made decisions to serve him with their lives.

Here are some photos from Lewtana!

Prepared for a week of lessons on Moses! Its Pharaoh Brett!
(minus the hard heart)

Camp director Rob Odermann and Assistant Director Justin Antonich
make sure it's cool in chapel!!

Now if I can only convince one camper to move I'll get their chair!

The famous Camp Lewtana Bus pulls up to our favorite place!

The Swimming Pool!

Cowabunga Dude!

Another sighting of the infamous Happy Camper!!

A faithful counselor on Sunscreen duty!

You can never have enough Sunscreen in Montana!

Time for a trip on Lewtana Airlines!!

Someday I'll run this camp!!