Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Week Three - VBS!

Week three of our summer ministry found us in Wyoming conducting 2 Vacation Bible Schools at the same time. In the morning we were in Hudson, Wyoming where a small but courageous group of 9-11 kids met each day. In the afternoon we were in Shoshoni, Wyoming where a little bigger number, 18, met for Bible School. It was a 120 mile trip each day for five days in 100+ weather. Our VBS crew, Zakk Whites, Lindsay Horton, Jessica Christopherson, Jasmine Romero and Sam Belleque along with us (Brett & Cindy) did a great job! We led 7 kids to Christ and talked many into coming to camp the next week! Here are some photos.

Hudson VBS!

A Small Group of Great Kids
(and could they sing!)

Crafty Sisters!

Cindy manning the craft table!

Elvis makes an appearance!

A special presentation of the Paper Plate Puppet Theater
(say that five times fast)

Daniel in the Lions Den!

Evil advisors plot against Daniel!

Daniel is thrown into the Lions Den!

Angels from Heaven shut the lion's mouths!

Singing at the parent's program!


Another fine group of Bible School students!

Singing their hearts out!

No my good man you will not find the ball behind Pastor Brett's back!

Zakk brings the King to Shoshoni!

Lindsay and Jessica do the motions!

Cup Stackers were a big hit at Shoshoni!

A Tower of Cups!

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego about to enter the fiery furnace!

In the Furnace!

What will happen??

They are saved!!!

So how many kids can you get behind your puppet stage!?!?

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