Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Camp Report Week 4

Camp Shiloh was a fantastic week! Not only was it a ministry week for the Belleques but this year we took our entire Youth Ministry Team with us to provide the counseling staff. It was a wonderful week with many decisions for Christ and many new relationships built between our Montana team and the Wyoming staff as well. Everyone wants to go back again next year! We were very fortunate to have 8 children from the reservation this year and 5 of them accepted Christ as their Savior! Our thanks go out to all who make this camp possible including our staff, the camp board and the supporting churches and also to the supporters of our ministry who make it possible for us to go to these camps and contribute. We took over 1,000 pictures and it is hard to choose which ones to share. I guess I need to learn how to attach an album to this blog! Here however are some photos of the week!

Camp is held outside of Tensleep Wyoming.
The chapel here is one of the oldest church buildings in Wyoming.

Yes Lindsay that was a waterballoon that just hit you!

Our chief cook and camp board president Gale Moravek
gives a great presentation on his ministry trip to Egypt!

Modeling the "FEZ"

A happy counselor and camper!

Preparing for water war! Choose your weapon

of mass water destruction!!

The Slime war begins!!

Slime War Warriors!

Our girls present special music!

Pastor Kurt drops by to share a special message!

Sam and Joe say, "Bring it on!!"

The traditional dumping of the water on the head!

It was over 100 degrees the first three days of camp!

I love this picture of Tasia - she doesn't!

Craft time!


Chillin' with my homies at camp!

Camp is cool!

Hard at work makin' the vittles!!

A couple of desperados!

Camp is not complete without puppets!

It's Pharaoh Brett!

Hey! Let my people go!

Chow line!

A great staff!

Whose the guy in the green hat????


Brandee said...

Looks like a fun week! I'm so glad you did Camp Shiloh. Sorry we missed it.

Brett Belleque said...

It was a good week but you guys were missed a lot! Please send me your email address. We don't have your current contact info and would like to get it! Email me at belleque@bresnan.net! Thanks again for the comment!