Friday, May 14, 2010

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Times they are a changing!!

On March 1st I started my new position with the American Missionary Fellowship. Two years ago Cindy and I accepted the postion of Regional Director here in the North Central Region of AMF. It has been a pleasure to work with the missionaries here and see how God is touching others through their lives! We have always been impressed with the variety of the work they do but more importantly we are amazed at the quality of work they do in the hearts of those who do not know Christ.

AMF has now set us on a different path with the mission as we establish the position of Director of Children's Ministry Resources. This is not only new to us but new to the mission as well. Cindy and I have worked with children and youth for more years than we are willing to admit and the idea of helping guide the mission in this area is both humbling and exciting! We are really looking forward to seeing where God leads in the next few years!

But we will miss being Regional Directors as well. Fellowship with our missionaries and praying for them has been not only a responsibility but an honor! It seems like we barely scratched the surface with our North Central family and now God is moving us on! We trust God's direction and we know that he is placing men in our position that are more than capable of caring for our missionaries. Still, there is a sense of loss there!

So to our North Central Regional family we say, "We love you and will miss our previous relationship but we also look forward to the new directions God will take both of us as we make this transition! We are still in Illinois and look forward to hearing from you!" Your prayers are coveted for all the changes in store and the challenges ahead! We've been on such a mad schedule that Cindy and I have not had any time for blogging since August! We hope to change that now that we are in the process of settling again! Busy schedules ahead including a full summer!