Monday, January 29, 2007

A Break in the Ministry!

Each year Cindy and I try to find time in January to take an opportunity to get away and reflect, relax and plan for the next year. We are very humbled and blessed to be able to use a cabin on Placid Lake that belongs to some friends. It is important that we take the time to do this each year (and a lot of fun). We thank our friends Wade and Mary for the use of their cabin. Here are some pix that Cindy took of our weekend!

Roughin' it at the cabin!

Life is hard in Montana!

A bald eagle watching over us!

And there he goes!

4 degrees below but beautiful at Placid Lake!

The end of 2006 update!

Wow, I can't believe it has taken this long to update! The end of the year - especially December was extremely busy! Our puppet team was on the go constantly performing in schools, nursing homes and churches! We also had a busy kid's club time as well! It has taken most of January to recover from December and we are already busy planning spring and summer ministry. All that and a wedding coming up in March! Here are some photos of the kid's and the youth ministry team as they ended the new year! 2007 has many more ministry opportunities and we look forward to serving. Please keep us in your prayers!

The puppet team presents "Grandpa goes to the Mall".

Yes, sometimes you can even find Jesus at the mall!!!

The puppet team works very hard to produce their shows. Here is a little behind the scene look at their most recent production "Grandpa goes to the Mall". This is the little drummer boy song!

It takes a lot of people and a lot of hard work to put together even one song!

We had a lot of "drumming teams! for this one!

You've got to find room for everyone to fit! Sometimes the hand perfomer has to be behind the puppet performer!

Sam's and Quinna working hard! Sam has the tongue thing going!

At least Tasia looks like she's having fun! But someone needs to turn up the heat in the sanctuary!

Our last two kid's corner lesson series involved "Bowling" and "Christmas". Our unit entitled bowling for fairness used bowling games and some great Bible lessons to help our kids understand why God sometimes makes decisions that we think are unfair but really our for our best interest. Every body loved bowling - except for our "Pin-Setters" who got a good workout! Our Christmas study helped us understand what it is like to be "Wisekids" for Christ!

Lining up the pins!
Shoop learning to be a wiseman!

On the verge of a steeeeeee-rike!

We acted out the parable of the good samaritan using balloon hats!

Shoop complains that it is hard to bowl with arms made of foam!!

Our kids made Christmas ornaments for each of the families in our church to remind them to put Jesus first this Christmas season!