Monday, March 24, 2008

The Last Supper foot notes!

The previous post detailed our presentation of the Last Supper but I want to add some more info!

Kim Pace also sang in the presentation but we don't have a picture of her because she is our principle photographer and was usually behind the camera! A big thanks goes out to Kim and Alena Belleque for all of the pictures they took! Here is a final look at the entire table in Dixon.

The Living Last Supper

The living last supper is a recreation of Leonardo Da Vinci's painting "The Last Supper". Actors freeze in the position of the disciples who have just been told by Christ that one of them is to betray their Savior. Each disciple then gives a short monologue about how they met Jesus and how he has changed their lives. They ask themselves the question heaviest on their hearts, "Is it I? Is it I?". Normally I don't post such a large number of pictures but I am very thankful for those who worked to put on this production in Missoula and Dixon, Montana. All of the actors and musicians made it a special presentation and Cindy a I are are privileged to have worked with them! I hope your Easter was a blessed one!
Vocalist and Accompianist Debbie Johanasen

Cindy also sang and accompanied.

Eryn Astin played guitar and Sang.

Dawn Kinzle vocalist.

Jason Pace as John the Beloved Disciple

Steve Mendenhall as Philip.

Jim Cook as Thaddeus

John Kinzle as Peter "The Rock".

Curtis Davey as Andrew "The Bringer"

Nick Belleque as James "Son of Thunder".

Pastor Jim Herd as Simon the Zealot

Old "What's his name" as Judas Iscariot

Pastor Paul Keller as Thomas "the Twin"

Boone Cole from Dixon as Nathaniel

Sean Kinzle as James "the Less"

Matthew Charlick as "Levi" the hated tax collector!
The Apostle John prepares the Sound Board!
Asher and sound engineer Sam make last minute adjustments!

Right side of the table with Larry Johanasen filling in for Simon!

Left side of Table

The disciples finally figure it out!