Friday, June 27, 2008

Week Two

From Bigfork in Western Montana we proceeded to another one of our favorite camps, Camp Lewtana in Lewistown in Eastern Montana where we joined missionaries Rob and Joni Odermann and Justin and Rose Antonich for two camps cramed into one week! We had a great time with both boys and girls camp!! There were over 15 decisions for Christ! That's why the staff is smiling!!

The happy staff at Lewtana Bible Camp!

The cabin leaders helping out with the evening service!

Rose Antonich - Camp director of girl's camp!!

Rose not only directed camp but she also watched a toddler and is pregnant!

So you wanna go back to Egypt? Presented by our

puppet team who were able to join us for a few days!

A tragic balloon accident. The dangers of being camp pastor!

The ultimate prayer warrior battles some evil forces!

Singing sheep!

We learned to let God be who He is and not try to put

Him in a box!!

The team shared a couple of cool black lite numbers!

We had daily visits from Flatman and Bobbin!

The three Amigos guitar choir!

A lesson on the parable of the soils! I don't think this young lady liked

being the thorny ground!

A little fun with windbags!

Week One!

Our summer ministries began at Big Sky Bible Camp where Brett was the special speaker and a trainer for Counselor training week. God blessed us with a real Montana snowstorm on Tuesday and by Wednesday morning we had four inches of snow on the ground. And it was gone by Friday! This was not our first summer snow in Montana but it will be a memorable one! Here are some photos of camp and some unique snow shots!

Our future son-in-law Thomas and his giant snow ball!

No part of our car was spared from the snow!

The happy frozen couple!

Yes we had canoeing, snorkeling and swimming scheduled that day!

Look at that beautiful green grass mixed with the snow!!

No tether balls were harmed in the making of this blog!

This is the new CL Trading Post soon to be housing offices,

Craft areas and the camp store!! The carpet arrived on Friday!

Of course by the end of the week the low elevation snow was gone

and God sent us a reminder of just who is in charge! Please remember to pray for the staff

at Big Sky Bible Camp including our daughter Kristine and her fiance Thomas.

Pray for strength and wisdom as the camp reaches out to hundreds of kids from Montana!

And so it begins.....

Well what can I say but, "Long time - no blogging"! As many of you know Cindy and I have changed positions at AMF. We are now regional directors for the North Central Region and will be moving to Illinois in July. We still have no buyer for our house in Montana (lovely home on a 1/2 acre, close to schools, 4 bedrooms call now!!) but we are still moving! The change in position and the start of summer ministries (we had summer commitments before we took the job that we felt we needed to fulfill) have put the blog to a stop - but - we are back to blogging again! Here are some events that concluded spring and brought us to summer!

Let the heavens rejoice! Sam graduated from 8th grade!

Our Gang of Four Kids!

Cindy and I and the boys (including Thomas and Sam's friend Josh)

made two balloon arches that looked great for graduation!

Our second event was that Cindy said goodbye to teaching for

The Missoula Public preschool! She will be greatly missed there!

Cindy and her coworkers!