Friday, June 27, 2008

And so it begins.....

Well what can I say but, "Long time - no blogging"! As many of you know Cindy and I have changed positions at AMF. We are now regional directors for the North Central Region and will be moving to Illinois in July. We still have no buyer for our house in Montana (lovely home on a 1/2 acre, close to schools, 4 bedrooms call now!!) but we are still moving! The change in position and the start of summer ministries (we had summer commitments before we took the job that we felt we needed to fulfill) have put the blog to a stop - but - we are back to blogging again! Here are some events that concluded spring and brought us to summer!

Let the heavens rejoice! Sam graduated from 8th grade!

Our Gang of Four Kids!

Cindy and I and the boys (including Thomas and Sam's friend Josh)

made two balloon arches that looked great for graduation!

Our second event was that Cindy said goodbye to teaching for

The Missoula Public preschool! She will be greatly missed there!

Cindy and her coworkers!

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