Thursday, December 06, 2007

Ready for Christmas!

We had a great time getting the church ready for Christmas. Here are some hard working people! I came for the chili feed!

Mike climbs the ladder!

Mike falls off the ladder!

Mike finally gets the job done!

Margaret, Eunice and Ava put the tree together!

Excellent Job!

Sam tries his hand a bow tying!

And with Val's help is successful!

Kim gets the Christmas village together!

Cindy and Dawn tackle the poinsettia tree!

Another job well done!

The Nativity set is ready for Advent!

And some people's job is just to be cute!

Or read a good book!

Thanksgiving in Gillette

After that last blog it sounded like we were so busy we haven't had any time for family! So let me say we did have a great trip to Wyoming for Thanksgiving! We went to my sister Tonya's house and met our daughter Kristine and Tasia Kinzle there for a great time of fun, food and hanging out! I was also able to squeeze in a speaking engagement before all the festivities started at Dry Creek. I spoke to the men's group there from the book of Exodus. It was a great meeting and a big thank you goes out to David Dick our AMF missionary in Douglas for inviting me! Here are a few photos of Thanksgiving!

Grandma and Grandpa prepare the feast!

The Whole Gang!

Happy Cousins!

The traditional beating of Kristine by her dad at Guitar hero!

(Don't let her tell you anything different!)

It's My Fault!

Yep, it's my fault! I let myself get too busy to blog again! October and November have blown past us and now we are on the rollercoaster of December! One of November's highlights was taking the triple P Puppet team to Dixon Montana to perform for the Community Baptist Church Harvest Dinner! They invited the whole town and I think everyone showed up! Dixon is about 50 miles from Missoula and Pastor Jim Herd is a friend of mine. We love to help them any chance we get!! Here is the team in action!

The whole town shows up for dinner!

Pig Puppets bringing "Life to the Word"

A balloon lesson on the real meaning of Christmas!

Everybody gets a balloon!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Special Fund Raiser for Youth Ministry Team

Our youth ministry team is self supported which means we try to raise all of our own funds. We are trying a special fundraising opportunity from the disciples cross. Basically we will be constructing cross necklaces and selling them to raise funds for our team and its travels. You can see a photo of the necklace below. They retail for $10.00 but you can get one from us for $7.50! If you are interested in doing this fundraiser for your group just click the link to the left called "Great Fundraising Opportunity" and we will get a bit of credit if you decide to sell crosses as well! However if you just want a cross please email me and I will get some to you!! Thanks for reading! These really make great gifts!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Balloons Around the World!

Well it's been a few weeks since we posted. That means it has been busy here in Western Montana. We are in training mode for the fall and have lots of training activities going on! That keeps us hopping! We have also had several trips to make which brings our total to over 11.000 miles since the middle of June! I'm a bit tired of driving!

One of favorite activities of the fall is "Balloons Around the World". It is an activity for balloon sculptors to once a year twist animal balloons for charitable organizations. Since our Youth Ministry Team does balloons we try to take a few days and visit the local nursing homes and twist away! Here are some photos of us at Village Health Care Center in Missoula! I hope your fall is going well and God is working through you!!


Monday, August 13, 2007

Odds and Ends

Here are some photos I wanted to share with you but wasn't quite sure where to put them. First is a photo of Cindy's dad Chuck Conlee. Chuck spent three weeks with us this summer doing a lot of work projects for several different ministries. He traveled to Wyoming with us and to Big Sky Bible Camp. We so appreciate him and we think he had a great time being used of God in this way! Thanks again Dad!!

The other photos are of the Kaboom boys performing at Big Sky Bible Camp. Some of you are aware of the Kaboom Boys while others of you remain safely protected from them. The Kaboom Boys travel to different ministries presenting Science based programs that teach the attributes of God. If you haven't had the Kaboom Boys at your church yet you need to! You can get in touch with them by emailing the Belleques because Brett happens to be the Kaboom Boys Lab Director! Finally a couple of pictures of Sam and Andrew at the Big Sky Water Slides to let you know that we do play when we get a chance!! Enjoy the pix and your comments are appreciated!

Thanks for all your hard work Chuck!

The Kaboom Director and a willing victim!

Rockin' out with Larry the Lab Rat!

Preparing for the Mentos Diet Coke Fountain Finale!

Let the carbonation flow!!

Andrew prefers to relax at the water park!

Sam, however prefers the danger route! Often dragging dad with him!

Last Ministry Week

This summer we really only had 6 full weeks of ministry but it sure seemed like more! The heat, smoke and fires didn't help any! All in all it was a great summer. We are off to Oregon to visit some of our supporting churches and see our daughter Kristine before she heads back to college in South Dakota this fall! Here are some photos of Big Sky Bible Camp located in Bigfork, MT just 2 hours from our house. It was a cowboy themed camp for all boys. Our lessons on Moses and the big round up fit right in!


Dad and Lad Canoe trip!

Mad Cow Disease?

Rock Diving of the coast of Peterson Lake!

Time to Cowboy up!

Hanging out with your cool counselor at the fishing dock!

Begging Camp Director Darren Banek to let me cover the chapel with confetti!

Bible Drill Time!

Waterfront fun!

We take our carpet pool in Montana very seriously!

Singing in the Chapel!

Darren figures out how the trick is done!

High ropes excitement!

A boy and his cow - one happy camper!