Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thanksgiving in Gillette

After that last blog it sounded like we were so busy we haven't had any time for family! So let me say we did have a great trip to Wyoming for Thanksgiving! We went to my sister Tonya's house and met our daughter Kristine and Tasia Kinzle there for a great time of fun, food and hanging out! I was also able to squeeze in a speaking engagement before all the festivities started at Dry Creek. I spoke to the men's group there from the book of Exodus. It was a great meeting and a big thank you goes out to David Dick our AMF missionary in Douglas for inviting me! Here are a few photos of Thanksgiving!

Grandma and Grandpa prepare the feast!

The Whole Gang!

Happy Cousins!

The traditional beating of Kristine by her dad at Guitar hero!

(Don't let her tell you anything different!)

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