Thursday, October 27, 2005

Narnia is Coming!!

I am really excited about this movie. This could be a great tool for evangelism! Here is a website that has all sorts of resources for holding special events and using the film as a way to reach the lost for Christ! I will keep you updated on how we use the movie here in Missoula!

I just attended a recent information meeting concerning the Chronicles of Narnia. This should be a very exciting ministry opportunity Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Ballooning at Hillside Manor!

On Wednesday the 5th of October the Triple P puppet team participated in "Balloons Around the World" at Hillside Manor retirement home in Missoula, Montana. We had a great time as you can see by the photos. The residents really enjoyed the kids and the balloons! I tried to include pictures of all the puppeteers here but I missed one - Kim Pace our faithful photographer! Thanks Kim for your photos! Check out balloons around the world at!

CJ experiments! Posted by Picasa

Paul - all decked out for the road! Posted by Picasa

No shoulder left un-parroted! Posted by Picasa

This is so much fun! Posted by Picasa

Mary Lou - Stylin'! Posted by Picasa

Maybe it's just a balloon? Posted by Picasa

Is this enough air? Posted by Picasa

Sam blows one up! Posted by Picasa

Our fearless (but fashion challenged) leader! Posted by Picasa

Have swans will travel! Posted by Picasa

Jim is all set with a balloon dog! Posted by Picasa

Amazed by balloons! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

U of M Homecoming Parade - The Good News Diner!

Many of you know that we partner with "Citizens for Wholesome Entertainment" to put on a monthly variety show called the Good News Diner. This year we entered the Homecoming parade (University of Montana) for a little publicity. The parade featured our friend Dr. Frank Kuntz and his circus Calliope and our puppets! Some of our diner members also handed out flyers. We had a little struggle getting started but we had a lot of fun - even in the rain! The parade theme was Pirates!

What an intense Calliope player!! Posted by Picasa

Puppets on Parade! Posted by Picasa

What do you mean we have to push this thing? Posted by Picasa

Preparing to Parade! Posted by Picasa

Puppets Everywhere! Posted by Picasa

Enter the Calliope! Posted by Picasa

More Puppets and two dread pirate Belleques! Posted by Picasa

Puppets to go! Posted by Picasa

Lefty! Posted by Picasa

Some Scurvy Dogs! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Fall has begun!

Hi folks,
Summer wore me out so much I had to take a month long break from blogging! Since we have visited last a lot of exciting things have been going on. I am going to start by posting our new series at EBC Kid's Corner. It is called Kaboom! Kaboom is a science oriented curriculum that teaches the attributes of God through fun science experiments. Dr. Jason, Dr. Curtis and I (Dr. Brett) are having a great time sharing God's attributes with our Kid's Church kids! We have used all sorts of exciting experiments to show God's love, Omniscience and Omnipotence! Our side kick, Larry the lab rat, has provided a lot of fun humor as well. I hope you enjoy the photos and remember to pray for us as we reach children for Christ!

There is always something interesting brewing at EBC Kid's Corner Laboratory! Posted by Picasa

Dr. Jason attacks from behind! Posted by Picasa