Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fall Begins!

Well summer has come and gone and fall arrives swiftly! All of our fall ministries are beginning and I already feel behind! Here are some photos of the Triple "P" Puppet teams first meeting. We are building up our puppet muscles and getting ready for balloons around the world! This is the same event we participated in last year (see October 2005). We have several performances coming up and are looking forward to getting our act together! Kid's church has also started again and I will post some photos later. Our theme is The Drop Zone and includes lessons on Daniel complete with puppets, kites, parachutes and a lot of fun music and games! Stay tuned! And by the way, if you are a frequenter to our blog how about letting us know by leaving a comment! We want to make sure this blog is worth the time and effort! So leave a short note!
This, ladies and gentlemen, is a puppet!
Time to build those puppet muscles!
Draw yer balloons pardner!
Dog done! Give me a treat!
Stay Shaun, stay!
You see your problem here is that your whatnot is twisted around your thingamagig....
You want me to make what?
Doodle Bug Success