Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Easter Weekend wrap up!

We had a great Easter weekend here in Western, Montana! A special service of music and worship at Emmanuel Baptist church followed by a gigantic Easter Egg hunt for the kids. The gospel was shared as well. We will be starting a new junior church program called "EBC Kid's Corner" on April 10th. We have redecorated a portion of the foyer to create a kid friendly atmosphere with a cool new puppet stage. Volunteers Curtis Davey and Jason Pace will help conduct the program. A big thank you also goes out to Terry Charlick who helped with construction of the kid's corner (keep checking here for upcoming photos) and has recently re-built our puppet trailer which was damaged on a trip two summers ago! Thanks Terry the trailer looks great! We are really excited about the new kid's program and are hoping that it will increase our outreach to children in a substantial way!

Thanks for all your prayers concerning this project! I am leaving tomorrow to speak at the Fellowship of Christian Magicians regional conference in Portland, Oregon. I will also be sharing with our Salem, Oregon home church - Keizer Community! I am very anxious to visit with our friends and family there. I finally get to see my brother's new house!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

We are anticipating Easter this week at the Belleque Household. This picture reminds us of his entrance into Jerusalem. Has Jesus entered your heart? Invite Him in today! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

"One of these things is not like the other" Posted by Hello

Here We Go!

I have a little more time now so I will post something a little more significant! For those of you not familiar with our ministry let me enlighten you!

We work with the American Missionary Fellowship one of the oldest home missions in the United States. Our goal is to reach the unreached in the United States for Christ! We have missionaries in almost every state in the US of A! Our primary ministry is to Youth and Children. We hold Bible Clubs, run a youth ministry team and do a lot of training for those interested in reaching kids for Christ! If you want more info on AMF just click the link on the side panel --->.

Because of our involvement with Youth and Children our ministry has also expanded to meet the needs of those in nursing home, the disabilities community and other related ministries. We also are involved in an outreach ministry called the Good News Diner. More about the diner later! The final ministry we are involved in is summer camp ministry. Our family travels with our puppets, balloons, object lessons and lots of suprises all around the US speaking and working at Camp! We have been doing this for about 8 years and we love it! The miles are long but the rewards are great in terms of eternity! This blog will allow us to share each week with you as we travel!

So stay tuned!


Well here goes a new experiment - our ministry blog! If you are interested in what is happening with the Belleques and American Missionary Fellowship in Western Montana then you are in the right place! Stay tuned!