Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas is Coming!!

We have been very busy these last few weeks! Here are a few pictures of kid's club! We will be finishing up the Wonka lessons in January. The stories of the children in the book are great object lessons demonstrating how God doesn't want us to live our lives! After the holidays we will post some more pictures from our many holiday ministry opportunities! I hope you have a great Christmas!!


Is this a boy or a girl! YES - it is a boy or a girl! Posted by Picasa

Jason Wonka and Curtis Wonka demonstrate their mind powers!! Posted by Picasa

Louie the Lip Strikes Again!! Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 28, 2005

New Kid's Church Series!

We have just started a new series based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Through the bad examples of the kids who met Willie Wonka we are learning how we are supposed to live as Citizens of Heaven! Curtis, Jason and I (Brett) had a great time preparing for these lessons and we are looking forward to them! Don't we look sharp!?! A big thank you goes out to Cindy Belleque who made our new vests and ties!

Our teaching team for Scrumpdillicious Lessons! Don't they look sharp! The Wonka Boys! Posted by Picasa

Our candy factory!! Posted by Picasa

What is a candy factory without Oompah Loompahs? Posted by Picasa

Brett Wonka demonstrates greediness by eating a whole pizza in front of the kids! Posted by Picasa

I can't believe he didn't share the pizza with us! Posted by Picasa

Jason Wonka shares the story of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego! They chose to eat healthy and obey God! Posted by Picasa

Curtis Wonka shares the food pyramid with the gang so that they can eat and have healthy temples of the holy spirit! Posted by Picasa

Jason Wonka introduces the EBC candy factories newest creation! Posted by Picasa

While congratulating each other on their new candy creation Louie the Lip sneaks in from the left side and steals the candy! Posted by Picasa

Candy decorations galore! Posted by Picasa

CANDY! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


For many years I have been writing puppet sketches, object lessons and curriculum as well as designing magic tricks, puppets and other creative ministry tools. I have sometimes thought about publishing some of these items but never really got around to it. This summer at the Fellowship of Christian Magicians conference I shared a room with Barry Mitchell an extremely creative magician and magic inventor. I shared with a Barry a song that I use with, of all things, toilet brush puppets. Barry was very excited about it and asked me if I would like to put it on the market. To make a long story short about a week ago the "Song of John" went on sale on Barry's website. It is available on a CD with a set of puppets. I wrote the song and make the puppets. Barry produced the CD and sells them on his website under new products. They are selling pretty well! Barry even told me that someone bought one who lives in England! The song is a silly, fun way to share the gospel and every time I have sung it in my seminars many people have requested a copy. Now they can get the whole thing - recorded professionally! It's pretty exciting if I do say so myself!! Check it out at Barry's website along with the other great items he sells!

Here's Ned Landers and his John puppets! Posted by Picasa

Let's get back to posting! KABOOM!!

Well I got behind again on posting!! We have been busy, busy, busy! There has been a major event (and sometimes 2 or 3) each weekend since the beginning of October! So here are some Kaboom shots! Next week is our last lesson in this series. We have something special planned for our pre-Christmas Lessons. I'm not going to give it away yet, but let me tell you it is going to be sweet! Keep watching for more updates on this month's activities. We have some great shots from our Costume Carnival and our training conference coming soon!

The Kaboom Boys! Back off Jack - were scientists! Posted by Picasa

Will the water stay in the cup when the card is removed? You bet!! (Dr. Brett has a trick up his sleeve!) Posted by Picasa

Preparing for the big balloon race! Posted by Picasa

Dr. Jason prepares for some balloon experimentation! Posted by Picasa

Dr. Curtis tries to keep the balloons separated! Posted by Picasa

Our wonderful photographer Kim who never gets seen because she is behind the camera!! Posted by Picasa

Lessons from sound waves! Posted by Picasa

Two scientists a rat and an egg! What more could you ask for? Posted by Picasa

Wow look at these cute Kaboomers! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Narnia is Coming!!

I am really excited about this movie. This could be a great tool for evangelism! Here is a website that has all sorts of resources for holding special events and using the film as a way to reach the lost for Christ! I will keep you updated on how we use the movie here in Missoula!

I just attended a recent information meeting concerning the Chronicles of Narnia. This should be a very exciting ministry opportunity Posted by Picasa