Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hello Idaho!

Hello! We've just returned from a great week at Shiloh Bible Camp in Donnely, Idaho! We were at a Junior boys camp and had a super time sharing the gospel and equipping boys to reach their friends for Christ. Our Camp directors were Ed Renk and Nathan Bath! Thanks for inviting us guys! Kristine and Emily were once again on kitchen duty as well as helping with the puppets and singing. One special highlight of the trip was Andrew getting to ride a horse! We are spending the next week doing some deputation in Oregon and helping out with an outreach block party in Portland! Talk to you soon!

Lending a helping "back" for note taking! Posted by Picasa

Learning about creation! Posted by Picasa

We had 49 boys! Wow! Posted by Picasa

Learning about Jonah! Posted by Picasa

Hard at work searching for peanuts! Posted by Picasa

Hard at work making balloons! Posted by Picasa

Same story different camp! Posted by Picasa

All this summer missionary stuff is starting to look the same! Posted by Picasa

I can't believe we're washing dishes again! Posted by Picasa

Away he goes! Posted by Picasa

Cowboy time! Posted by Picasa

Here's Andrew on Tawny! Posted by Picasa