Sunday, August 10, 2008

Big Sky Boy's Camp!

Our second week at Big Sky featured all boys at "All Boy's Week!" We had a great time with 52 boys and staff. Here's a few pics! 8 boys received Christ! Praise the Lord!

Old "What's His Name", teaching a lesson.

Riding the fun noodle! How many can you get on it?

A Bible lesson with Jeff!
Cannon Balls! A boy's camp requirement!

Ready, set......


Worshipping in song with gratitude in our hearts!!

Back to Camp!

On our return from Illinois we immediately headed out to Bigsky Bible Camp for 2 1/2 more weeks of camp. This is the camp that our daughter Kristine and her fiance Thomas Rogers are working at all summer. Brett volunteered last fall to fill in as director for a few weeks since the new director won't be arriving until September. Here are some photos of the Jr. High Week! And a short video!
We leave no goofy game unplayed! Wear your balloons with pride!

The despicable "Pinky" gang!

Thomas loads a marshmallow flinger!

Kristine directed the ropes course many weeks this summer!

Yep, what can we say? Camp life is hard!

Nothing like a ride on the giant slip-n-slide

The Move!

On the 18th of July the Montana Belleques made a valiant attempt to move to Illinois. Unfortunately upon arriving we discovered that we would be unable to move into our temporary rental. So we moved into a storage unit, got some business done and drove back to Montana! All in one week! However we are happy to report that the house we have been attempting to purchase (waiting for the sale of our Montana home) was made available for us to rent until the time comes that we can purchase it! So on the 16th of August we will be moving permanently to our new home in Mt. Morris, Illinois. Here are some photos of our quick trip! We did take two hours to stop and visit Mt. Rushmore (one of Andrews favorite places!) on the way home!

Loaded and Ready to Go!

Sam was the navigator!

Our new home away from home!

(we actually filled two!)

Sam got a good workout!

Cindy expresses all our feelings!

Almost done!

Victory is ours!

We took an afternoon to look around our new home!

This is Blackfoot the Indian! Who looks out over the valley!

The Rock River Valley! Not bad!!

A swimming pool at the motel on the way home was a necessity!

Mt. Rushmore is one of our favorite places to visit.

Andrew loves the presidents!

Why so somber guys??

We even found our new state flag!