Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Weeks Two and Three!

The last two weeks we spent at Camp Lewtana! We were the guest speakers for both boys and girls camp. Camp Lewtana is located in the snowy mountains outside of Lewistown Montana. It is a great camp with another great staff headed up by Rob and Joni Odermann AMF missionaries in Central Montana. We are always impressed with their staff and the hard work they put into their program! They all became avid Sport Stackers and I'm sure will be running tournaments soon! We are now home for a couple of weeks and are looking forward to a little R&R! We will be heading to Wyoming in a couple of weeks after a short trip back to Lewistown for Basketball camp! Thanks for your prayers! We are noticing a lot of resistance to the gospel this summer and need you to lift us up to the Lord continually! WE cannot do this ministry without our support team!

In Jesus,

The Belleques!

DUCK! Posted by Picasa

The dreaded curse of Camp Lewtana for boys - Shower Time! Posted by Picasa

Welcome to Camp Lewtana! Posted by Picasa

A great counselor - PRICELESS! Posted by Picasa

Letting our little lights shine at Camp Lewtana! Posted by Picasa

An air head? Posted by Picasa

The girls do the "Good Samaritan"! Posted by Picasa

No one gets their mail unless Mr. Rob says they get their mail! Posted by Picasa

Can one person handle this much fun? Posted by Picasa

Both camps enjoyed the puppets! Posted by Picasa

The boys version of The Good Samaritan in balloons! (Counselor Dale fills in as the Donkey) Posted by Picasa

Girl's last night at campfire! Posted by Picasa

Another water trough swimming pool! You've got to love Montana! Posted by Picasa

Sam helps everyone learn to "Mega" Cup Stack! Posted by Picasa

Brandon, one of the counselors had a long week! Posted by Picasa

Our first week at camp!

Our first week of camp this summer found us a Beacon Bible Camp in Eastern Montana. We were at a junior camp of boys and girls. Our camp directors were Arlen and Marilyn Hilkemann from Wolf Point who are area missionaries with the American Missionary Fellowship! We had a great week and enjoyed seeing God work in the lives of our campers there! We worked with a great staff and enjoyed being with our friend Paul Nettleton who has been at camp with us before!

Here is Beacon Bible Camp located somewhere between Frasier and Wolf Point Montana! Posted by Picasa

Teaching the way to Heaven! Posted by Picasa

Our fellow teacher - Pennsylvania Paul! (Paul Nettleton from Pennsylvania) Posted by Picasa

Arlen and Marilyn Hilkemann, camp directors at Beacon Bible camp, celebrated their 35th anniversary at camp! Posted by Picasa

When you're in farming country and it's hot you use whatever swimming pool you can find! Posted by Picasa

Quiz time with the "Wheel of Knowledge"! Posted by Picasa

Working hard on a craft project after a hearty swim!! Posted by Picasa

The finished product! Posted by Picasa

Cindy was the cabin Snooper! Here she is giving a report on cabin cleanliness Posted by Picasa

A couple of great counselors from Beacon Bible Camp! Posted by Picasa