Monday, October 30, 2006

The Eighth Annual Children's Ministries Conference!

Folks, I've blogged a bunch today so you may need to open the archive for the entire month of October in order to see all the photos. Just scroll down the right hand side and you'll see it. Click October 2006. Here are some photos from last weekend. It was our eighth annual Children's Ministry Conference here in Missoula. New Hope Christian Fellowship was our host church and we had a great time with the 27 folks that came. Not a bad turn out but each year we hope for more. Enjoy the photos and don't forget to click on the October archive for more!! A big thank you goes out to Steve Brackman for hosting us at his church! And another thank you to the Puckett family who came and presented a great Gospel magic show Friday evening along with the Triple P Puppet Team!

It was a long weekend! Posted by Picasa

Learning to share Jesus! Posted by Picasa

Magician Mike Puckett and his family came all the way from Aloha, Oregon to help us out! Posted by Picasa

Whose the guy holding the Mr. Potato head? Posted by Picasa

Children's workers actually sitting still! Posted by Picasa

EBC Kid's Corner - up in the air!

Kid's corner has been very active this month. Although the numbers have been down the kids have had a great time learning about Daniel and his friends. They are learning what it means to put your hope in God! Most of the work this month was done by Jason Pace and Curtis Davey because I have been on the road a lot!! Thanks guys, you have done a great job!!

Having fun with the parachute! Posted by Picasa

Shawn and Jason do - Davey, Davey! Posted by Picasa

Jason talks to Bibi about her new cooking show! Posted by Picasa

Under the 'chute! Posted by Picasa

Still young enough to rock and roll! Posted by Picasa

Davey, Davey has certainly become our favorite song this fall! Posted by Picasa

We finally meet a character from the story of Daniel - a reformed people eating lion! Posted by Picasa

The parachute makes a great "Wheel of Fortune"! Posted by Picasa

Shoop tells of his adventures at the Drop Zone School of Parachuting! Posted by Picasa

Shoop's parachuting on television! Posted by Picasa

More parachute fun! Posted by Picasa

What a busy month!!

October has been like a daytona race! It has been so busy we haven't had much of a chance to blog! So here we go with October highlights! This is the youth ministry team at Village Health Care and Hillside Manor participating in Balloons Around the World! We have so much fun with the residents and they love to see our gang come and visit with them!

A teddy bear for a grizzly fan! Posted by Picasa

The balloons have landed! Posted by Picasa

Our future Daugher-in-law already infected with balloonology! Posted by Picasa

Men at work! Posted by Picasa

Head gear! Posted by Picasa

A happy pirate! Posted by Picasa

Another happy pirate with parrot! Posted by Picasa

Jason Pace - balloon master! Posted by Picasa

I don't know what it is but it is cool! Posted by Picasa