Monday, April 25, 2005

Special Olympics Photos!

Here are the Special Olympic photos from last week. What a great time we had. The kids were just super!

Vanessa with victory ribbons! Posted by Hello

Kelly Jo Running her heart out! Posted by Hello

Raising the Standard! Posted by Hello

The Big Lolo Team! Posted by Hello

Taking a break! Posted by Hello

Wooshh! Posted by Hello

The softball throw! Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Special Olympics Report!

Hi friends! Many of you know that part of our ministry involves working with those in the disability community! Last week I posted pictures from our own program "Magic for Special Education". This week we hung out with the special olympians from the surrounding area. Our son Andrew participated in Track and Field, Bowling and Swimming! It was a great week of competition! I will post some photos as soon as I can! When you see Andrew ask him to show you his ribbons!

Area Fellowship Photos

Here are some photos from our AMF area fellowship. Thank you to April Wadsworth for providing them!

Carpet Pool! Posted by Hello

Good Fellowship! Posted by Hello

Magic with Brett! Posted by Hello

Hard at work in the kitchen! Posted by Hello

Another angle....Entirely constructed with tinkertoys! Amazing! Posted by Hello

Rob and Joni's House on it's way up! Posted by Hello

A Sunday School full of MK's! (Missionary Kids) Posted by Hello

Don't take my picture before my morning coffee! (Dave Carroll) Posted by Hello

Music with the Odermans! Posted by Hello

Sam and Andrew at the foosball table! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Join Us! Posted by Hello

AMF Area Fellowship report

We had a great time this weekend with our fellow Montana AMF missionaries at our area fellowship. We gathered at Camp Lewtana in Lewistown, Montana for a time of fun, fellowship and mission business!

The Odermann's, King's, Carroll's, Banham's, Belleques and new Regional directors Wade and April Wadsworth all came together for the weekend. We were missing the Hilkemann's because of sickness and hope they are feeling better!

I had an opportunity to share my new blogging skills with the other missionaries and hope that they can use this new tool to communicate all the great things that are happening on their fields. This is a super way to keep in touch and to keep everyone updated on what is happening! If you are unfamiliar with AMF be sure to click the link to AMF's website on the link area of this blog!

We are looking for new missionaries to fill several established ministries in our region (MT, SD, ND, WY and NE.) These positions include camp, children, detention, church planting and nursing home ministries! Be sure to contact us if you would like more information.

Unfortunately I was not able to take any pictures but if my fellow missionaries will send me some I will post them!

Ta Ta For Now!


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The EBC Kid's Corner is open!

Here are some photos from opening day of the new EBC Kid's Corner! We are starting small but we are dedicated to growth and outreach! Pray for Super Brett, Super Jason and Super Curtis as we introduce kids to the greatest superhero - JESUS!!

The infamous Flatman and Bobbin in the Flat Cave! Posted by Hello

Look at those Baptists with their hands raised! Lift Jesus high! Posted by Hello

The new Kid's Corner! Lydia with the song sheet! Posted by Hello

Rockin' Kids! Posted by Hello

Magic for Special Education!

Here are some photos of our magicians practicing for their performance for the Individuals Awarenss Month Banquet. Our show there was a big success and everyone was please with their performances! The crowd was very appreciative and the kids loved being the center of attention!!

Stupendous Stephanie! (And instructor!) Posted by Hello

Kreme De La Krystal and Marvelous Mathalia! Posted by Hello

Marvelous Mathalia! Posted by Hello