Sunday, April 10, 2005

A Busy Week!

It has been a busy week for us! March 31st through April 2 Brett attended the Pacific Northwest Fellowship of Christian Magicians conference in Portland, Oregon. He taught three seminars: How to create novelty puppets, Organizing and Running a Youth Puppet team and Top Ten Object Lessons! He had a great time, spent to much money and got to have a short visit with his brother Nick and family in Portland at their new house!

On April 3 Brett spoke briefly at Keizer Community Church our supporting church in Salem, Oregon. It is always great to go visit old and new friends there. Then it was a quick trip home to Missoula to prepare for the Individuals with Disabilties Awareness Month Banquet and the grand opening of the EBC Kid's Corner ministry. My next post will have photos from both! This weekend we will be attending the AMF area fellowship in Lewistown Montana. We will head there Thursday night after a quick meeting in Billings where Brett will be speaking to a group of Educators about his Magic for Special Education class. It looks like it will be another busy week!!

Stay tuned!

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