Friday, November 14, 2008

Winning isn't everything but it can be something!

My friend Karl Bastian put up a post about winning some cool Mt. Dew gear. You can check out his post at I was also a winner in that contest! It kind of got me thinking about how as a boy I (like Karl) felt like I never won anything! Now I know that's not true because I have ribbons and certificates and memories of contests but it seemed to me at the time that I never won a big prize! Funny how we think as kids! When I look back now I realize that I was very fortunate to occasionally win something!

I'm mentioning this for two reasons. First, I try to mention Karl's ministry and website often because if your interested in kid's ministry you really should join and second I wanted to write about winning something at the Kidology University seminar held in October.

Like a lot of fun seminars they held a drawing at the end of the week for some really cool prizes from the vendors at the conference. In this case Kidology staff would throw paper airplanes into the crowd and if the paper airplane you caught had a prize listed on it you won! There were several fun prizes including a puppet and curriculum and lots of other fun stuff!

Now I have been to many of these kind of prize drawing and have occasionally won something. But as I sat in the audience I just felt like today was my day. I really can't describe it except to say that I just had that feeling! Maybe that's what gamblers sometimes feel when they think they are on a lucky streak! Anyway several prizes had been given away when Karl announced that the kidmo company was going to give away and entire set of their curriculum including DVDs, Cd's etc. All of the sudden I knew that I would win that prize!

Sure enough one of the airplanes which normally flipped and flopped and made circles in the air came straight at me and struck me in the chest so hard it hurt! I didn't even look at it before I stood up and began walking forward to receive the prize! I was so sure I had won! Karl was still asking who had won when I realized I had better open up the plane and make sure it was me. And it was! But I wasn't even amazed because I simply expected it to happen! Talk about weird!

I want to say thank you to Kidmo and Kidology for the prize. It is a really cool set of curriculum that I hope I get to use in the near future! If you get a chance make sure you take a look at their website. They have some very progressive products for reaching the TV and Internet generation for Christ! Thanks for listening to my story!