Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Holiday trip!

I've just finished looking at my reports from the last few months and realize I have driven over 10,000 miles since August and that doesn't include air miles! We took a short break over Thanksgiving (which included another 4 days of travel!) and Cindy did a great job sharing photos of the trip on her blog http://www.cindybelleque.blogspot.com/ but I thought I might throw in some of my own comments as well - with pictures of course!

One of the perks of traveling is seeing amazing scenery!

An awesome three generation photo!

Soon to be included in the holiday issue of GQ!

I put my stamp of approval on Thanksgiving dinner!

(Like my aunt and mom care!)

The best thing to do when it's cold outside! Uno attack!

Helping Granpa get the lights put up!

Note for next year - not so many!!

A special gift of a wedding album for Kris and Thomas!

Some lovely ladies!

From left - Donna Roberts, My aunt Anna, Ma Belleque and my sister Toenail!

My parents and our kids put on an early anniversary party for us!

Yep! Count em' - 25 years of wedded bliss!

Did I say that right Cindy??

Some goofy girls!

Back home we boys have our annual fight with the tree!

Finally we get it up!

We have to bend the top limb to get the topper on!

Thank goodness it's artificial!

Ta Da!

And of course while we boys manage to get one tree up

Cindy accomplishes all this in the next room!

On the way home we came across a huge fire!

It was a big harvester that had caught on fire and was

the side of the road!

We'll we all have our traditons and mine includes

the decaptiation of the first gingerbread man!

I hope your holidays are special too!