Sunday, July 24, 2005

I'm back from the Fellowship of Christian Magicians Conference!

What a week! I got to spend 7 whole days hanging out with guys who use balloons, magic tricks, puppets, clowning, ventriloquism and juggling to share the gospel! I don't think I went to bed before 2 am ever! I took many magic, puppetry, quick cartooning and balloon classes but I have chosen to post some of the balloon work. These guys kept me up late every night so I could get all my balloon questions answered! Featured here are two excellent twisters, Ralph Dewey and John Holmes. They are respected world wide for their ability to sculpt balloons and I wanted to make sure I got every bit of information from them I could! I want to thank everyone who helped make this trip possible. It will truly add to our ministry! Thanks again and enjoy the balloons!!

PS - a big thank you to my all my FCM roomates - Barry, Ron, David, Tim and Bruce - I know we didn't see much of each other but I truly appreciate your hospitality!

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