Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My name is Brett Belleque and I am a trading card addict!

Last weekend Cindy and I went to the Sublette Toy and Tractor show in Sublette, IL. Cindy has a nice blog on her site about the day. www.cindybelleque.blogspot.com. I wanted to share what I bought there. I have always had a fascination for trading cards - especially those that depict old television shows! (If you have any you would like to get rid of let me know!) My idea of fun is to open a whole box of trading cards! I'm not a professional collector but I think it is a crime that any pack sits unopened! I found some Andy Griffith cards at the show and thought I would give everyone a peek!

Each pack was for sale for a $1!
I only bought 5!

Opie and Barney!
I love Don Knots!

Andy and Barney!
One of the world's greatest duos!

Barney and his gun!!
With only one bullet of course!

Some of the gang from Mayberry!
I opened every pack and then closed them
again until I get some holders for them!
I might even clothespin one to my bicycle spokes!
They are meant to be enjoyed!


Brett and Cindy said...

okay, now you need to find a place for the cards. Not in the office...

Shannon Christman said...

I have a box of Back to the Future cards you're welcome to -- not quite TV and not quite old, but close on both counts.

Brett and Cindy said...

I'll take them! How much?

Shannon Christman said...

You can have them. Just send me your address through Facebook, and I'll mail them out when I go to the post office.

JenV said...

Are you interested in sports cards? Basketball from the 90's?

Brett and Cindy said...

I'll have to pass on the sports cards (except for cards with Clyde Drexler on them! Still a diehard blazer fan!) I have to draw the line somewhere! Happy Wife, Happy Life! But thanks for the offer!!

suzie said...

So now i have the Mayberry theme song stuck in my head....