Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ministry Highlite - Barron Church

Frank and Linda Distad, AMF missionaries in Trego, WI have a unique church ministry that Cindy and I finally got to visit recently. After our Area Fellowship in Wisconsin we spent the night with the Distads and the next day attended their church in Barron, WI. Unlike most churches the majority of attenders at Barron have special needs. It is a church geared toward the disability community. A very unique ministry!

There aren't a lot of people at Barron Church (although
many members were unable to attend that day) but they
give new meaning to quantity vs. quality!

Frank and Linda Distad work very hard to make each Sunday
special for the congregation. Frank delivered a practical and engaging
message on the 23 Psalm.

Frank's simple but practical message kept the attention of all!

They even let me share a little but I received much
more from them than they did from me!

There were many special numbers, individual responses
to Christ, during the service!

This is my kind of worship team! Check out that smile!

It was a priviledge to be prayed for because my
birthday happened to be in the month of May!
Check out the cool Larry the Cucumber
I got for our fridge!! Sometimes it is the small
gestures of love and acceptance that make the
biggest differences!


Emmy said...

How cool! I can even tell from the photos that there was GREAT depth of knowledge of our Lord in that group! The simplicity of faith is so enlightening!!! Is this church near a large group home facility... Shepherd's or something??? I remember researching about a nice residential facility in WI, somewhere??

Kim Pace said...

That's awesome!

Brett and Cindy said...

There are two group homes (that I know of) near the church. One of the groups was unable to make it the day we were there. The Shepherd's home is in Union Grove, WI and I'm not sure how close that is to trego. Shepherd's home is an awesome ministry as well!