Monday, September 22, 2008

An Extra Trip!

As many of you know my Dad, Ed Belleque, has been dealing with a form of Parkinson's Disease for several years. Last week I flew with my parents to Naples, Florida where Dad received treatment at the Pearlmutter Clinic. I was the official navigator through airports, hotels and freeways!

The clinic treats many types of brain disorders with an infusion treatment that also involves diet changes and hyperbolic chamber sessions. We spent the week there with dad having treatments and doing a little sightseeing when he wasn't too tired. Dad is progressing with the treatments and we will know in a few weeks just how much they are helping. We appreciate your prayers for both my mom and dad!

Here are some photos of the trip!

This mother duck and her brood adopted me while I was
walking around the clinic grounds. They have funny looking
ducks in Florida!

This may have been the daddy!

This is the Pearlmutter clinic where dad received his treatments.
It is a world famous clinic.

I learned that everything in Floriday is surrounded by water!

Dad got to meet his "idol" at a place called "Shell World"!

We found this fella on the side of the road in the Everglades!
We called him "Lefty" because he was missing his left foot!

He was very much alive!

Dad watches "Lefty" really closely!

Since we were in Florida we had to have seafood!

A beautiful Florida Gulf of Mexico Sunset!

It was a good trip and a wonderful opportunity to spend time with my folks. We are hoping and praying that the treatments will help dad reclaim some mobility to make his retirement a little more enjoyable! I am very greatful for my wife Cindy who covered the office for me while I was away! It is a bit difficult to do the job with only a cell phone and laptop!


Orts said...

HI!! Hunting for Thomas and Kristine's addy and found your blog. Looks like you guys are having lots of fun :)! Loved the pxs of their wedding, too. Our blog is if you want to check it out :)!
emmy ort

Kelli said...

Florida looks pretty. I'm glad you were able to go with your parents. Lefty sure looked "nice". Yikes! The ocean looks gorgeous and the ducks looked friendly. :) Hope you're doing well.