Monday, August 21, 2006

A Hot trip to a Windy city!

After 5 weeks of camp we took a break to travel with our youth ministry team to Chicago where we helped conduct a week of Vacation Bible School and an evening park ministry. Our fellow missionary Ron Kooyman works in Chicago and is presently the interim pastor at Cicero Bible church. This is the church that founded the IFCA denomination. Presently there are about 175 people meeting in a church that seats about 1500. Ron is working hard to help the church reach out to the hispanic community that has grown up around it. We were there to help and had a great time. It was extremely hot (In the 100's) and the humidity was about 90%. God really blessed and the intercultural experience was invaluable for all! We want to thank all the churches who housed us and all who helped make the trip possible through hard work and financial support!

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