Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Big Apology!

Okay here I am telling everyone to read our blog to keep up to date on our ministry and then I quit blogging for a whole month!! Please accept my apology! Unfortunately Christmas time is amazingly busy for us and blogging was just not fitting into the schedule! I will try to catch up and post some photos and comments on what went on during our holiday season as well as catch you up on our last few "Wonka" lessons. I really enjoy using this medium but I am going to have to be more faithful to it!! By the way - sales for the "Song of John" CD are going strong if you are interested in getting one for your ministry e-mail me for the details! You will find a description of it if you click on the November 2005 archive! There are many upcoming events so keep checking out the blog. I hope to have something new every week and promise not to go two weeks without posting!!

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